March 29

Born on March 29
Arthur I 1187-1203Duke of Brittany (as a child) from 1196...
Santorio Sanctorius1561-1636 Italian physician, born in Trieste. Burned at the stake for heresy.
Carlo Maria Buonaparte1746-1785 Father of Napoléon Bonaparte (French Emperor Napoleon I )
John Tyler1790-1862 10th US President, from 1841 to 1845
Edward Stanley 1799-1868 British prime minister (14th Earl of Derby).
Eugène Schneider1805-1875 French industrialist, prominent in French politics
Col. Edwin L. Drake 1819-1880Oil industry pioneer (drilled the World's first productive oil well, in 1859)
Francesco Faà di Bruno1825-1888Italian mathematician
Paul Petit 1862-1936French chemist.  Normalien 1883.  Agrégé 1886.  Docteur, 1889.
Photo Cy Young1867-1955 winningest baseball pitcher (511 wins; 509 from 1890 to 1911)
Photo Tullio Levi-Civita1873-1941Italian mathematician
James E. ("Jim") Casey 1888-1983founder of United Parcel Service (UPS) August 28, 1907, in Seattle
Harold Spencer Jones1890-196010th Astronomer Royal  (1933-1955)
Wilhelm Ackermann1896-1962German mathematician
Warner Baxter1891-1951American actor, Academy award winner (best actor) in 1929
Charles Elton1900-1991British biologist ("food chain" concept in 1927)
Photo Marcel Aymé1902-1967French writer ("La jument verte", "Le passe-muraille" 1943)
Photo Sir William Walton1902-1983British composer
Martin Eichler1912-1992German number theorist
Photo Eugene McCarthy1916-2005US Senator of Minnesota (1968 presidential race)
Photo Man O'War1917-1947American race horse
Sam Walton1918-1992American billionaire, CEO of Wal-Mart
Pearl Bailey1918-1990American singer ("Hello Dolly")
Jacqueline Joubert 1921-2005French TV personnality (first "speakerine" in 1949, with Arlette Accart)
John McLaughlin 1927-2016American TV commentator (The MacLaughlin Group)
Sir John R. Vane 1927-2004 English biochemist, 1982 Nobel Prize for Physiology & Medicine
Martin Fleischmann 1927-2012 British electrochemist.  With Stanley Pons in 1989, he claimed to have discovered "cold fusion".
Evelyn de Rothschild1931-British banker
Billy Carter1937-1988famous brother of a US President
Terence Hill1939-Italian actor, born in Venice (Italy) as Mario Girotti
Photo John Major1943- British prime minister from 1990 to 1997
Photo Eric Idle1943- British actor ("Monty Python's Flying Circus")
Photo Vangelis 1943- Greek composer/keyboardist V. Papathanassiou (music of "Chariots of Fire")
Photo Bobby Kimball1947-German singer Robert Toteaux (West Coast Pop group "TOTO")
Bud Cort1950-American actor Walter Edward Cox (Harold and Maude)
Karen Ann Quinlan1954-1985famous American comatose patient ("right to die" case); died 1985-06-11.
Photo Earl Campbell1955- American football player, NFL running back, Heisman trophy 1977
Lisa J. Allen 1956- American lawyer. Television reporter.
Sue Fogleman 1956-American golfer, LPGA Tour member (career earnings: $78,826.59)
John Gibson 1956-1998victim of US Capitol shooting (July 24, 1998)
Photo Dick Z.G. Jol 1956- Dutch soccer referee (Euro 2000)
Photo Gérard Michon 1956- French engineer
John Quiggin 1956- Australian economist
Kurt Thomas 1956- American gymnast (Sullivan Memorial Trophy, 1978 World Champion)
Ted Staunton 1956- Canadian storyteller  (Puddleman, 1983).
Photo Christopher Lambert1957- Actor (Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan)
Marina Sirtis1959- British actress (counsellor "Deanna Troi" on "Star Trek")
Elle Macpherson1964- Australian model (Sports Illustrated covergirl in 1986,87,88)
Lucy Lawless1968- Actress (Xena : Warrior Princess)
Jennifer Capriati 1976- American tennis player (Olympic champion in 1992)
Laure de Lattre1976-French TV animator
Alexia Aleman 1980- French artist, actress & writer
Hideaki Takizawa 1982- Japanese actor
Deanna Troi2336- Betazoid counsellor aboard the Starship Enterprise

It happened on March 29 :

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